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Rust Prevention Magic
   Rust Prevention Magic
   2011 SEMA Award.
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This decal is located on the driver’s door of the vehicle. Exact placement will depend on make and model of vehicle.

CVV21 Canada Transport Decal (for cars transported to Canada) $13.00
CVV10 1970 VIN Data Decal $55.00
CVV20 1970-1971 Canada VIN Data Decal $55.00
CVV11 1971 VIN Data Decal $55.00
CVV12 1972 VIN Data Decal $66.00
CVV13 1973 VIN Data Decal $66.00
CVV14 1974 VIN Data Decal $66.00
CVV15 1975 VIN Data Decal $66.00
CVV16 1976 VIN Data Decal $66.00
CVV17 1977 VIN Data Decal $66.00
CVV18 1978-1979 Little Red Express and other Trucks - VIN Data Decal $101.00
CVV19 1978-1980 VIN Data Decal $66.00
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